New: Introducing A New Way For You To Buy & Sell Used Wheels

Ag Wheel Exchange is an online marketplace where farmers are able to buy and sell agricultural wheels

We like to think of it as an online farm sale for wheels, but with a team of wheel and tyre specialists on hand to make sure they’ll work on the machine.

Most farms have a set of wheels that aren’t used anymore, and most tractor dealerships have lots of them!  

Maybe they’re off a tractor you’ve sold or maybe you’ve swapped the tractor onto different sized wheels.

Ag Wheel Exchange lets you advertise and sell your wheels on their website.

The new website is:   

It is like an Ebay for agricultural wheels, but the Ag Wheel Exchange team handles all the calls, checks the wheels will work, and arranges collection/delivery.

Farmers & Tractor Dealers can upload pictures and details of any wheel sets they are looking to sell.  There is no cost to advertise – a small commission is taken if Ag Wheel Exchange successfully sell the wheels.  Wheels can still be advertised and/or sold privately.

Browse the current used wheel sets or upload your own on the new website. See the link above.