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The Bespoke Range

BWT has two production lines, the first covers the Core Range products.  Its geared up to make our common wheel sets for modern tractors – fast.  Its all about efficiency while maintaining the quality.

The second production line looks after all our other wheels – the Bespoke range.  This covers any wheels that aren’t Core.

BWT have been making ag wheels for years – there’s not much we haven’t made.  As well as the most common standard wheels for tractors and spayer, we also specialise in rowcrop duals, top-hat, wide-trackwidth wheels, Controlled Traffic wheels and more…

Sprayer Wheels

Horsch PT Sprayer on Michelin tyres and rims
Horsch PT Sprayer on 650/85R38 Michelin MachXbib tyres and rims

BWT work directly with sprayer manufacturers, machinery dealers and end users to supply the best wheels for your trailed and self-propelled sprayer.  The cost of chemical or fertiliser is often one of the biggest farm expenses, plus the cost of the sprayer itself – so getting the right wheel equipment is very important.

We’ll look at all the option, including VF, low-pressure, or larger diameter wheels to help you get the best performance out of your machine.

Turf Wheels

Huge turf wheels on a JD 6135R

While our most common turf option for the smaller New Hollands, Case, JD, MF & Valtra tractors are included in the BWT Core Range, we can also make turf wheels for most other machines.

If you’re a needing extra wide turf wheels, or wheels to suit higher horsepower tractors speak to one of our team.  We regularly help turf growers, grounds care contractors and tractors dealers specify the best turf wheels to suit the task and the machine.

Dual Rowcrops & Barrell Spacer Wheels

270/95R54 barrell spacer dual rowcrops on a John Deere 6210R
270/95R54 Barrell Spacer dual rowcrops on a John Deere 6210R Caldecote Cambridgeshire

BWT have significant experience making dual rowcrop wheels.  We call them Barrell Spacers and have our own design we incorporate into most of our specialist jobs.  We’ve designed Barrel Spacers wheels for most makes of tractor including John Deere, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, JCB, Claas, Case and New Holland.

Wide Offset & Top-hat Spacer Wheels

New Holland T7.270 with wide offset Top-Hat spacer wheels
New Holland T7.270 with wide offset Top-Hat spacer wheels

If you’re needing wheels set to wide trackwidths BWT can certainly help.  Anything wider than 80″ trackwidth is covered by the BWT Bespoke range.

We have our own design of wheels, called Top-Hat centres due to their shape.  With Top-Hat centres we’ve supply wheels at trackwidths such as 108″ for potatoes or even 3m trackwidth in one situation.  Browse the pictures to see some of the jobs we’ve completed.

Wheels for Controlled Traffic Farming

Bespoke wide offset adjustable wheels on a Fendt tractor for Controlled Traffic Farming
Bespoke wide offset adjustable wheels on a Fendt tractor for Controlled Traffic Farming

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is one of the relatively new farming concepts which is gaining traction – a key factor in CTF is bespoke wheel rims to allow all machinery to track within the same wheel tracks.  BWT had helped numerous farmers swap over to CTF.

We have also developed a hybrid rim design that allows for wide offset in the field and narrow offset for grain carting, simply by unbolting the wheels and swapping them from side to side.  As you’ll see in the pictures – these rims also have extended wheel weight carriers so these can still be used.

Combine & Forage Harvester Wheels

800/65R32 Alliance tyres to suit a John Deere S680i Hillmaster on rims to suit
800/65R32 Alliance tyres to suit a John Deere S680i Hillmaster on rims to suit

BWT can supply wheels and tyres for Combine and Forage Harvesters.  Whether you are going for wider wheels to help with flotation and reduce soil compaction or needing narrower wheels to fit through a field entrance – we can help.

Oversized or Extra-Wide Wheels

Sometimes even the widest or tallest wheels aren’t wide or tall enough.  We often get requests for oversized wheels and often import the Goodyear LSW extra wide flotation wheels from America.

Contact us to find out what we can offer.

Everything Else

If you’ve got a project you’re working on and need wheels and tyres – BWT can help.

As well as all the bespoke options we’ve already covered on this page – we can help you with your specific and unique requirements.

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