Can my tyre be repaired?

Mikayla Brock
6 February 2023

It’s easy for your tyres to develop cuts, splits and bulges, etc. This can cause damage which may mean you can’t use your tyres, or they are dangerous to use.

However, tractor and implement tyres can easily be repaired by a professional in most cases. Due to their vast amount of knowledge, they can provide a repair that is reliable and high quality.

Repairable damage:

  • Damage to cleats, and/or foreign object stuck in tyre.
  • Damage to tread area. If cuts are straight and relatively shallow
  • Inner lining of the tyre. Small punctures can be repaired
  • Sidewall damage. Key here is damage to the chords, repairable damage is in the same direction i.e., in line with the centre outwards, not parallel to the circumference of the tyre.
  • Low pressure tyres can often be repaired, depending on how much flexibility there is in the sidewall.
Sidewall damage

Damage that can’t be repaired:

  • Not financially viable, i.e., the repair will cost more than the tyre is worth
  • Long lacerations on the inner lining of the tyre.
  • Sidewall damage that is perpendicular to the tyre chords.
  • Bead damage
  • Technical reasons, due to the tyre’s construction.
Not financially viable damage

Mikayla Brock