Dual Rowcrop Wheels

Perfect Specification, Perfect Operation

The BWT dual rowcrop, known as the Barrel Spacer, allows you to increase the ground contact area without running on the crop. This means that yields can be increased by reducing compaction and crop damage.

Typically, our Barrel Spacer twin rowcrops are used for specialist applications such as:

  • Beet and maize drilling
  • Potato ridging and harvesting
  • Inter-row hoeing

Leading the way in double narrow and rowcrop tractor wheels, we have developed our own system which has the following attributes:

  • They are versatile – if required, both sets of wheels can also be used with standard centres as the main tractor wheels
  • Small diameter barrel for maximum crop clearance
  • We make many widths of barrels to suit most row widths
  • The wheels come colour matched for your vehicle
  • High grade steel for reliability and strength
  • Powdercoat paint finish for durability – say no to rusty duals.

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