How to find the interaxle ratio on a John Deere 6R

Mikayla Brock
23 December 2020

John Deere 6R, 4-cylinder tractors

i.e. JD 6310-6630, 6M’s up to 6125M, 6130M, 6140M, 6R’s up to 6125R, some 6130R’s

For 6-cylinder models, scroll past this section…

Step one – Front axle ratio

The first step is to find the front axle ratio. 

  1. On the back of the front axle
  2. Off-side of the tractor there is a small metal plate. 
  3. On that plate is the front axle ratio, the number we need will be something like 15.962
How to find the interaxle ratio on a JD


Step Two – MFWD/Bevel Gear

The next plate we need to find is at the back of the tractor. 

  1. Look underneath the right-hand assistor ram
  2. There should be a metal plate. 
  3. This should have the gear-pair and output ratio on – something like 47/10-1.532
How to find the interaxle ratio on a JD

With those two numbers we can work out the interaxle ratio and advise what wheels will work for you.


Mikayla Brock