JD’s new 6R range and how it compare with the old models

In 2021 John Deere announced a change to its best selling range:  the John Deere 6R.  With new features, a complete name change and 4 new models there’s a lot to take in.  The following article should help:

(Bonus:  Find out if you can swap your wheels to the new model here.

New John Deere 6R in the field

What are the 6 new features of the upgraded 6R range:

  1. 1-Click-Go AutoSetup
    1-Click-Go AutoSetup is a time-saving, productivity tool designed to reduce in-field set up time. All settings (field boundaries, guidance lines, prescriptions, etc) can be pre-planned and managed in the cloud. They will then appear automatically on the Gen4 Display when the tractor enters the field. All you have to do is then confirm the details with one click. JD claims that this saves the driver up to 90% of display clicks in the field and the tractor is always perfectly adjusted.
  2. Comfort/Visibility
    All settings and indicators are now shown on the corner post display and the baseboard behind the steering wheel has been removed. This improves forward disability and gives you more control using the armrest and right-hand console.
  3. E-joystick
    The new 6R tractors have the E-joystick. These are particularly useful for front loader work. You can configure the layout of the buttons and can easily change the direction of travel using the reverser button. A special hand detection system replaced the safety flap on the old 6R’s.
  4. IPM (Intelligent Power Management)
    John Deere says Intelligent Power Management is improved on the new machines. This means that in addition to IPM functioning in transport and PTO applications, it also delivers additional horsepower in hydraulic applications as required. The four-cylinder models can now deliver up to 20hp and the six-cylinder models up to 40hp when using hydraulic fans, pumps and the most power-hungry hydraulic implements, e.g. wrapping balers, slurry tankers and drills.”
  5. Styling
    The look of the new 6R’s has also changed, a new bonnet with different side vents, new mirrors in green and a more impressive roof with bug-eye light clusters.
  6. Name & Numbering
    The new 6R’s have a new name/numbering system. The 6R range name will now be followed by a separate indication of the rated engine horsepower.

It seems to be the latest trend for tractor manufacturers to rename their tractor models like this, we’ve had New Holland following the T7.210 format for a while now. Massey Fergusson has followed suit in their 5S, 6S, 7S & 8S ranges (e.g 8S.205). John Deere have since adopted it in the 7R, 8R and 9R series – and the new 6R’s are no exception.

It’s worth noting that the name change could cause some confusion – for example, the 6R 150 replaces the 6135R not the 6155R or 6150R that you might expect.

See the diagram below that JD released to show the new models:

The new JD 6R range explained

There are four completely new models

6R 185 

  • Specifically designed for transport work.  
  • Described by John Deere as compact and efficient With unmatched acceleration and exceptional versatility.  
  • Delivers up to 234hp with IPM while only weighing 7.9ton.  
  • The 6R 185 has just 11hp less than the popular large-frame 6195R (now 6R 195) and weighs half-a-tonne lighter.

6R 150

  • Up to 177hp in a compact 4 cyl. Frame
  • 4 cylinder engine and high payload.  
  • Versatile, maneuverable but high horsepower.  
  • Strong hydraulics, high lift capacity and large tyres. 
  • Weighs 6.5 ton empty and has a total permissible weight of 10.45 ton – giving it a 4 ton payload

6R 165

  • The 6R 165 and 6R 185 sit on the same 2,765mm chassis as the old 6155R, but offer considerably more power
  • JD have designed the 6R 165 & 6R185 to avoid the need for some customers to jump up a chassis size.

6R 140

  • Replaces the 6135R – now has a higher max power of 154hp but the same boosted figure.  Note that the axles and hub fittings are completely different so wheels won’t be interchangeable.
New John Deere 6R in the field

Can I swap old 6R wheels to the new models?

Find out which models have the same stud fittings and axle widths to see if you can swap the wheels from an old John Deere 6R to the new 6R? Use the table below to find out.

Comparable models with the same stud fitments and axle widths. 

Classification Old Models New Models
Small Frame 6110R-6130R 6R 110-6R 150 (Check rear axles – See note below)
6135R No new models suit
Mid Frame 6145R-6155R 6R 145, 6R 155, 6R 165 & 6R 185
Large Frame 6175R-6215R 6R 175, 6R 195 & 6R 215
Xtra-large Frame 6230R-6250R 6R 230 & 6R 250

Wheels off a 6110R-6130R can be swapped onto the new 6R 110, 6R 150.  (Check rear axles – See note below)

Wheels off a 6135R cannot be swapped onto any of the new 6R models.

Wheels off a 6145R-6155R can be swapped onto a 6R 145, 6R 155, 6R 165 or 6R185. 

Wheels off a 6175R-6215R can be swapped onto a 6R 175, 6R 195 or 6R 215.

Wheels off a 6230R-6250R can be swapped onto a 6R 230 or 6R 250.

Important notejust because the wheels physically fit on the new models does not mean they will definitely work ok. It is very important to check the wheels will also work with the 4WD.  Failure to do this can cause very costly gearbox damage.

Small Frame Rear Axles:  Both the new and old small frame 6R’s (6110R-6130R & 6R 110-6R 140) have two rear axle options.  Therefore you may need to measure to check if the wheels will swap across.  The default axle is the 8/203 fitting, however if the hitch lift capacity and payload upgrade is ordered, the tractors come with the 8/275 fitting.  Click the links to see measurements of the axles.