John Deere 9520R

Mikayla Brock
1 January 2016

Two of the biggest John Deere’s in the country!

When it comes to large John Deere’s we might tend to think of the 9RX or two-track crawlers, but at 572hp, the 9520R is the most powerful John Deere on wheels in the country – earlier this year we fitted wheels to two of them.  The only two in the United Kingdom.

Every tractor dealer knows the importance of choosing wheels and tyres that increase the performance of the machine, this is especially important when it is the first tractor of its kind.  A tractor of this size requires dependable, heavy duty rims with a tyre that has the ability to transfers power to the ground.  

Working very closely with P Tuckwell of Dunmow, we recommended the 900/60R42 Trelleborg TM900 High Power on BWT heavy duty wheel rims.  A tyre this large had never been fitted to a JD 9520R before and the wheels were built to a specific offset to ensure they worked with the tractor. BWT supplied eight of these flotation wheels and fitted them to the two 9520Rs, one of which was the John Deere Demonstrator. 

Steve Buckett of Tuckwells Dunmow, when speaking of the two 9520R’s commented that this was a great example of “P Tuckwell’s working together with BWT to achieve a difference!”

The Trelleborg TM900 

Developed especially for high powered tractors, the TM900 High Power tyre has a high load rating and is able to transfer to the ground the high torque of the biggest agricultural vehicles.  It generates great traction in all types of soil.  With a 180D (177E) load rating the Trelleborg 900/60R42 tyre can carry up to 8000kg per tyre at 65k.

At a lower inflation pressure, the larger footprint area reduces soil compaction and provides greater traction.  Moreover, the load is spread evenly across the footprint improving the crop yield significantly.

John Deere 9520R on Trelleborg rims
Two JD 9520R tractors fitted with BWT rims and Trelleborg 900/60R42 TM900 tyres

The John Deere 9520R

Farms are getting larger and some would argue that operating them efficiently requires more and more higher powered machines to maximise uptime while reducing the cost of operation – with a maximum 572 horsepower engine and e18 Transmission, the John Deere 9520R does exactly that.

The 9R series tractors offer a Hydra-Cushion Suspension System that transfers all the power to the ground – this is unique in the market for articulated tractors.  According to John Deere, ‘Advancements in total vehicle control and unprecedented power output combined with AMS technology to make the 9R one of the most capable four wheel drive tractors in the world.’

Excellent for tough, heavy draft applications such as cultivating and ploughing, the 9520R will help you get these done faster and more cost-effectively.  

John Deere 9520R on Trelleborg rims
A JD 9520R tracotr fitted with BWT wheels pulling a TWB mole

Mikayla Brock