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BWT Core Range Rims

At BWT we hold our rims to a very high standard.  When you’re buying a wheel set from the BWT Core range you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality rims possible.  We won’t short change you.

As tractors are only getting bigger, heavier and faster, its even more important to know your rims aren’t going to let you down.

The following information applies only to rims supplied on our Core Range.  This is due to the unique criteria we often have to achieve with the BWT Bespoke range.  It is sometimes necessary to build rims in alternative ways – for example, some rarer paint colours (i.e. Ford tractor grey) we have to use a non-powercoat finish, sometimes a flat place centre is required to achieve a specific trackwidth, etc

Always high grade steel

Always high grade steel

Heavy duty comes as standard with BWT’s rims. As tractors get bigger, heavier & faster its becoming even more essential that rims are stronger.

We always specify a high grade steel so you’ll have the strongest rims possible – with almost all our rims & discs using S355 structural grade steel.

Always Powder Coat

Always Powdercoat

We insist on powder coat finish for all our rims – this gives you the most durable paint finish in the industry.

Long-gone are the days of two-pack paint finishes and waiting for paint to cure – all our new wheel sets are powder-coated in our on-site powder-coating plant.

Powder coat provides a much more durable paint finish, keeps its colour for years longer and is very resistant against chemical & corrosion (particularly useful on sprayers).

Always Form-pressed

Always Form-pressed

All* our Core Range rims have form-pressed centres. Not only does this look much more genuine than a flat-plate centre, it also results in a much stronger wheel. The forming increases strength and reduces fatigue.

We will never sell you a new set of rims and supply them with a flat plate adapter-plate.  Your tractor deserves better than that.

The only exceptions are on some small diameter turf rims and some front rims where the tractor hubs are too large to fit a formed disk.

Always Precision Engineered

Always Precision Engineered

All our rims are precision engineered.

Often it’s the small details that make the big differences.

For example our stud holes are precision-drilled not punched – this gives a much more accurate hole size reducing the chance of bolts running loose.

Always Suitable for 65kmh

Always Suitable for 65kmh

As tractors get faster and heavier, you need wheel rims that can keep up.

We are so confident in the quality of our rims, we rate them for max speeds up to 65kmh.

Both BWT’s fixed and adjustable rims can be used up to 65kmh – so rest-assured it won’t be your wheels that hold you back.

It’s important to still check the speed rating of your tyres though.