Rowcrop Wheels

BWT supply narrow or rowcrop wheels and tyres to suit you requirements. If you need wheels for spraying, planting, de-stoning fert spreading or any other job, we can help. We will supply wheels with the correct width, height and track width.

Choose between fixed or adjustable wheels to suit your application, the speed of your vehicle, the crop you are growing and how essential it is to change row widths. We use rims manufactured to our own specification which can be colour matched to suit your tractor.

We currently sell rowcrop and narrow tyres from Michelin, Trelleborg, Mitas, BKT, Maxam, Ceat and Linglong. We can use our large stocks to ensure that you receive a solution to suit your timescales and requirements.

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Why BWT’s rowcrop wheel rims?

 If you buy a new set of rowcrop wheels from BWT, rest assured, you’re getting some of the strongest rims in the world.

We understand that in farming, when there’s work to be done it’s so often urgent – potatoes to lift, crops to spray, vegetables to plant – the last thing you want is a machine out of action.  That’s why we recommend the BWT rims – they are rims you’ll be happy to rely on for your more critical tasks.

Massey Ferguson tractor on BWT adjustable rowcrops interrow howing

What makes them such a strong rim?

  • Formed-pressed centres – All of the discs we weld into our fixed rims are form pressed – this isn’t just to help you get the correct track width.  The form pressed discs are much stronger as it helps distribute the stresses of high speed and heavy weights – a flat plate disc would be cheaper to manufacturer but we do not feel it is strong enough for modern tractors.
  • High grade steel – The majority of BWT’s wheels use an extra high grade of steel to increase the strength and reliability of our wheels.  We use S355 grade steel which is a structural grade.
  • Professional paint finish – Colour matched for your vehicle in powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • 65km/h rated adjustable rims – The BWT adjustable rims are high speed rated – rated to 65k.  Most adjustable rims are rated to 45km/h or 50km/h – with a set of BWT adjustable rowcrops you can work up to 65km/h.  Don’t let your expensive tractors and drivers be held back by the speed rating of your rims.

If you would like to find our more, please feel free to speak to one of our team on +44 (0)1371 832310.


Do I want fixed or adjustable rims?

When ordering rowcrop wheels, you can choose between fixed or adjustable wheels.  Fixed rims, also known as welded rims have a solid dish while adjustable rims have removable ‘centres’ or ‘pans’ which are bolted in the centre.


Both fixed and adjustable rims have benefits:

  • Initial costs – If you are working at a standard track width, such as 72”, fixed wheels are typically slightly cheaper to purchase.
  • Different tramline widths – If you need to get more than one trackwidth, then adjustable wheels will mean you can swap the centres around to achieve this.  Maybe you are growing Maize at one trackwidth and cereals at another – with adjustable wheels you can get both track widths with the same wheels.
  • Long term cost savings – While adjustable wheels cost slightly more initially, in the long run you may well save money.  If you have fixed wheels and need to change tractor or change trackwidth, you will need to buy new rims – if you have adjustable wheels you will only need to change the position of the centres or buy replacement centres.
  • Strength – While fixed wheels would typically be considered stronger than adjustable wheels, BWT’s adjustable wheels are a very strong option.  Rated to 65km/h with high grade steel, 12 extra strength bolts and form pressed centres – whether you go for fixed or adjustable wheels, its guaranteed you will get a very strong wheel.
Case Puma on 38090R50 and 38085R34 Rowcrop wheels
Case Puma on 38090R50 and 38085R34 Rowcrop wheels
John Deere 6150R on 38090R50 and 38085R34 row crop wheels planting onions
A John Deere 6150R on 38090R50 and 38085R34

Most common Tractors for Rowcrop Wheels

Some of the most common tractors we supply rowcrop wheels for are as follows:

Case Puma tractors on 38090R50 and 38085R34 tyres and BWT rims at a potato growers in England
Case Pumas on 38090R50 and 38085R34 Mitas tyres and BWT rims
Fendt 720 on 38090R50 and 38085R34 row crop wheels
Fendt 720 on 38090R50 and 38085R34 rowcrop wheels
John Deere 6175R and 6150R on BWT row crop wheels harvesting potatoes
John Deere 6175R and 6150R on BWT rowcrop wheels harvesting potatoes
Rowcrop Wheels on a New Holland T7 in a lettuce field
Rowcrop Wheels on a New Holland T7 in a lettuce field