18.4-26 & 400/60-22.5 BKT Wheel Set – JD 5E & 5M

2) 18.4-26 BKT TR388 tyres on heavy duty fixed rims
2) 400/60-22.5 BKT FL648 tyres on heavy duty fixed rims
To suit a JD 5E & 5M tractor.

BWT wheel set code A0232-JD-7

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An alternative to the 600/55-26.5 option is a 18.4-26 diamond pattern with matching fronts.  There aren’t any diamond pattern front tyres, so we use the BKT hockeystick pattern.

Tyre pressures:

With turf tyres, the tyre pressure can change the physical rolling circumference of the tyres.  This effects whether the tyres work with the 4WD.

We’ve done our tests on these sizes and recommend the following pressures to ensure this set works best with the 4WD.

18.4-26 BKT 400/60-22.5 BKT 
JD 5045E 5055E 5065E 5075E 9 psi 22 psi
JD 5070M, 5080M, 5090M, 5100M = 1.3459 (w/ gear R258111) 9 psi 22 psi
JD 5070M, 5080M, 5090M, 5100M = 1.3908 (W/ gear R258108) 9 psi 15 psi


Additional information

Tractor Make

John Deere

Tractor Model

5E & 5M

Rear Tyre Size


Rear Tyre Make


Rear Tyre Width


Wheel Type

Turf wheels