Set of 4: VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone VT-Tractor Wheel Set – JCB 4000 Series

4) VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone VT-Tractor tyres on heavy duty fixed rims
To suit a JCB Fastrac 4220 Tier 5 (12-stud axles) tractor.

Load rating
167D/164E 5450kg up to 65kmh or 5000kg up to 70kmh

BWT wheel set code A0255-JC-1



The 710/60R30 is the most common flotation wheel for the JCB 4000 series.  There are two options, the IF BKT and the VF Bridgestone.

The Bridgestone, being a VF tyre, can run at 20% lower pressure or carry 20% more weight compared to the BKT.

The VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone combination is a great option for both low-pressure or high weight carrying capacity – being a VF tyre it can either run at 40% lower pressure or carry 40% higher weight (compared to a standard tyre).

Since 2020, the 4000 series JCB’s have come with 12 stud axles.  If you have the older JCB 4000 series with 10 stud axles, we can still supply these wheels.  The price will be the same – contact us for more information.

The maximum weights these tyres can carry is as follows:

Load Rating:  167D/164E Will carry 5,450kg up to 65kmh or 5,000kg up to 70kmh

The Bridgestone VT-Tractor is a VF tyre, designed to run at low pressure.  Below are the weights you can carry with these Bridgestone tyres at the lowest pressure possible.

At 12psi (0.8bar) this tyre will carry 3,000kg at 65kmh

At 9psi (0.6bar) this tyre will carry 3,000kg up to 50kmh

Tyre maximum load (kg) at tyre pressure
VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone VT-Tractor
0.6 bar 0.8 bar 1.0 bar 1.2 bar 1.4 bar 1.6 bar
9 psi 12 psi 15 psi 17 psi 20 psi 23 psi
Up to 50kmh 3000
Up to 65kmh 3525 4000 4505 4990 5440

*For optimum road performance, and/or intensive road use, Bridgestone recommend increasing inflation pressures by 0.6bar/9psi up to a maximum of 2bar/29psi

Additional information

Tractor Make


Tractor Model

Fastrac 4000 series

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Wheel Type

Flotation wheels, Standard wheels