JCB Wheel Options

We’ve made a catalogue of our most common selling wheel sets available for you to access 24/7.

We call it the BWT Core range.

All of the sets in our Core range have been carefully selected based on the most popular sets to cover a wide range of applications and requirements. Every set has been pre-checked to ensure it’s a suitable tyre for the machine. You can order or recommend these sets with confidence.

JCB 4220 of VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone tyres and BWT rims
JCB 4220 of VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone tyres and BWT rims


As always, we are more than happy to talk through the options with you – simply call us on 01371 832310 or email your usual contact.

JCB Fastrac 4000 Series: 4220, 4190 & 4160

Rowcrop Wheels

VF 380/85R38

The most popular rowcrop wheel for the JCB 4000 series is the VF 380/85R38 BKT.  This tyre was manufactured specifically for the JCB’s and consequently has a great load and speed rating.

Wide & Flotation Wheels


The 710/60R30 is the most common flotation wheel for the JCB 4000 series.  There are two options, the IF BKT and the VF Bridgestone.

The Bridgestone, being a VF tyre, can run at 20% lower pressure or carry 20% more weight compared to the BKT.

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Our most common selling tyre makes

Maxam Logo

Maxam Tyres

Maxam is a good quality budget tyre we are able to offer. We’ve been selling the Maxam for a few years now and believe they are a similar quality to the BKT however at a lower price point. There is a very wide range of tyres
including all common sizes.

Some of the most common Maxam wheel sets we sell include the standard 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 and the very popular rowcrop size 380/90R50 & 380/85R34.

Maxam has one of the longest warranties in the tyre industry – standing by there tyres for 8 years from date of purchase.

BKT Logo

BKT Tyres

The BKT is a well known manufacturer of tyres and has a very wide range – there is a BKT tyre available for nearly every tyre size.

Recently they have introduced a number of VF & IF tyres to their range:

  • The V-Flecto is a low-pressure VF tyre for flotation, available in sizes such as the VF 600/60R30.
  • The BKT Spargo tyre is a VF rowcrop tyre – popular on the 4220’s in a VF 380/85R38.
  • The BKT Agrimax Force is a IF tyre, the most popular size for the JCB is the IF 710/60R30.
Bridgestone Logo

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone have two main ranges we sell:

VT-Tractor: This is Bridgestone’s VF, low-pressure range – they can run at 40% lower pressure than a standard tyre. The range consists of common tyre sizes but makes them available in the low-pressure technology. E.g. the Bridgestone VF 900/50R42 is the lowest pressure tyres available – no other tyre manufacturer makes a VF 900/50R42.

VX-Tractor: The Bridgestone VX-Tractor is designed especially for long life on the road. With a special wear resistant rubber compound and 20% more rubber in the lugs, Bridgestone studies show that the VX-Tractor can last more than twice the length of other tyres. If a tractor is doing lots of road work – this is the tyre to go for.

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Other ways to buy from BWT

Ag Wheel Exchange

Ag Wheel Exchange is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell agricultural wheels.

We have all our used sets listed on the website, with easy filters and search to help you find what you need.

There is also the option for you to list your own sets for sale on the website – our team will handle the calls, do the checks, and try and sell them for you. We work on a commission only basis – so if they don’t sell, it doesn’t cost you anything.

There is also a handy valuation tool – you can use this to get an idea of what a used or nearly-new set of wheels should be worth. Its only a guide, but can be useful to get an idea of trade in values when pricing up a tractor deal.

BWT Bespoke

Along with the full core product range offering, BWT continue to make bespoke wheel sets for your specific requirements. Whether its common sizes at less common trackwidths, wheels for other tractors not covered in our core range, dual rowcrops and tophat spacer or wheels that not even we’ve thought of yet.

Wheels for other JCB machines would also be covered by the BWT Bespoke department.

Read more about BWT bespoke wheels.