Trailer Wheel Options

We’ve made a catalogue of our most common selling wheel sets available for you to access 24/7.

We call it the BWT Core range.

All of the sets in our Core range have been carefully selected based on the most popular sets to cover a wide range of applications and requirements. Every set has been pre-checked to ensure it’s a suitable tyre for the machine. You can order or recommend these sets with confidence.

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As always, we are more than happy to talk through the options with you – simply call us on 01371 832310 or email your usual contact.

Trailer Wheels

Flotation Wheels

Radial 560/45R22.5

Replaces a 385/85R22.5.  Available in 8 & 10 stud. The radial 560/45R22.5 tyre gives a flatter footprint resulting in longer tyre life (less wear) and a larger contact area for (better flotation).  They also heat up less on the road reducing the likelihood of punctures.

Cross-ply 550/45-22.5

Replaces a 385/85R22.5.  Available in 8 & 10 stud. The crossply 560/45-22.5 tyre is a cheaper alternative to the radial tyre in the same size.  If you’re more concerned about getting a cheaper tyre and are hardly doing any road work, then this may be the option for you.

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Our most common selling tyre makes

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Maxam Tyres

Maxam is a good quality budget tyre we are able to offer. We’ve been selling the Maxam for a few years now and believe they are a similar quality to the BKT however at a lower price point. There is a very wide range of tyres including all common sizes.

Maxam has one of the longest warranties in the tyre industry – standing by there tyres for 8 years from date of purchase.

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BKT Tyres

The BKT is a well known manufacturer of tyres and has a very wide range.

The most common BKT trailer tyre we sell is the hockeystick pattern FL648.

Ceat Tyres

The Ceat is made in India similar to the BKT tyre.  It is a well known budget tyre – particularly in trailer wheels and turf tyres.

The Ceat Flotmax is a radial floation tyre designed for a equal mix of road and field work.  With deep, directional lugs that give better grip and are self cleaning they are great in the field – meanwhile, the flat tread profile and centre blocks improve road performance and reduce tyre wear.

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