Sprayer Wheels

For farmers using various self-propelled sprayers, it’s essential to have tyre and wheel options that can handle the various stresses of larger sprayer systems whilst offering reliable stability, reductions in fuel consumption, and protection for crops as much as possible during operation.

At Brocks Wheel & Tyre, our expert team is on hand to help – our extensive understanding of sprayer sizes and tyre requirements, as well as the tolerances of various sprayers means we’re ideally placed to find the right solution no matter the requirement.

Key attributes we will consider when selecting the right sprayer include footprint, with a wider footprint offering enhanced soil fertility, increased crop yields, uniform soil penetration and minimised damage to crops, and traction with larger lugs offering greater grip and stability in muddier, wetter conditions.

Our team will work with you to understand the exact needs for your machinery and offer guidance and advice on the right wheel and tyres for your sprayer. Our extensive stock means we can deliver a solution that suits your budget and your timescale.

Why BWT's Wheel Rims?

If you buy a new set of standard tractor wheels from BWT, rest assured, you’re getting some of the strongest rims in the world.

We understand that in farming, when there’s work to be done it’s so often urgent – wheat to cart, crops to spray, fert to spread – the last thing you want is a machine out of action.  That’s why we recommend the BWT rims – they are rims you’ll be happy to rely on for your more critical tasks.

What makes them such a strong rim?

  • Formed-pressed centres – All of the discs we weld into our fixed rims are form pressed – this isn’t just to help you get the correct track width.  The form pressed discs are much stronger as it helps distribute the stresses of high speed and heavy weights – a flat plate disc would be cheaper to manufacturer but we do not feel it is strong enough for modern tractors.
  • High grade steel – The majority of BWT’s wheels use an extra high grade of steel to increase the strength and reliability of our wheels.  We use S355 grade steel which is a structural grade.
  • Professional paint finish – Colour matched for your vehicle in powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • 65km/h rated adjustable rims – The BWT adjustable rims are high speed rated – rated to 65k.  Most adjustable rims are rated to 45km/h or 50km/h – with a set of BWT adjustable rowcrops you can work up to 65km/h.  Don’t let your expensive tractors and drivers be held back by the speed rating of your rims.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to speak to one of our team on +44 (0)1371 832310.

We sell wheels and tyres for all makes of tractor over 100hp and built in the last 15 years including John Deere, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, JCB and other specialist machines such as Challenger, Bateman, Agrifac and Househam.

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