Turf Wheels

Turf Wheels for 65+hp Machines

Our aim is to help machinery dealerships, turf growers and grounds care contractors by simplifying the process of getting a tractor onto turf wheels – we’ll provide you with simple options, turf patterns, and fast delivery.

Why Brocks Wheel & Tyre?

  • We take part exchanges – trade in your Ag wheels for turf wheels
  • Unrivalled technical support – with 75 years in agriculture and 30 years of wheels & tyre experience, there is no team better placed to support you
  • Wide range available – as an independent retailer, we stock all major tyre brands – we will offer the best solution to your needs

A Solution For Every Application

Grass Cutting

For grass cutting we recommend a tyre with a shallow, wide cleat or with lugs close together in a non-aggressive pattern. A diamond, block or hockey stick pattern may be an option.  If a lot of time is spent on the road then a Nokian TR12 may be a good option.

Golf & Fine Turf

Fine turf, including golf courses and estates are very sensitive operations requiring minimum compaction.  Often a 700-800mm wide tyre in Alliance, Nokian or Michelin are a good option. If there is very little road work then a Cross-ply tyre may be worth considering as a budget option – a Trelleborg works well due to the low pressures achievable.

Race Course & Studs

Turf wheel for race courses and studs are typically used for grass cutting, fertiliser spreading and track reconditioning.  A good tyre for this application might be a non-aggressive block or a hockey stick pattern.  With little roadwork, premium tyres like the Michelin CargoXbib can last for a considerable number of years.

Sports Grounds

Sport grounds and general grounds keeping contracts often require substantial traveling on the road.  A cross-ply tyre does not respond well to high speed, heavy weights and road travel. Therefore we would recommend a radial tyre such as the Nokian TRI2, BKT Ridemax, or the Michelin CargoXbib.

Turf Farms

Similar to fine turf applications, such as golf courses and large estates, turf farms require wheels that offer minimum compaction. It is important to get as low pressure as possible here – some of the products we offer do just this.  We will work with you to find a solution that effectively maximise flotation and improve productivity.

Your Application

We can offer wheel & tyre solutions for 65hp+ machines.  Speak to our team now to find out how we can help you source a quality and reliable solution.

600/55-26.5 Ceat & 500/50-17 BKT tyres on rims. JD 5075E
600/55-26.5 Ceat & 500/50-17 BKT tyres on rims. JD 5075E

What Turf Tread Pattern Do I Want?

Turf tread patterns


Available as a cross-ply tyre the diamond pattern is a generally a good tyre for most applications.  Due to the construction of the tyre it has a rounded profile which means that it does not offer the same flotation as a radial equivalent.

Hockey Stick

Also known as a Dog-leg pattern, this tyre is preferred for its rounded shoulders which are less likely to damage the turf when turning.  There are a number of manufacturers which offer tyres with a hockey stick tread, including Trelleborg, Alliance and Starmaxx.


The Michelin CargoXbib has a distinctive Block pattern. It is a premium radial tyre designed for carrying heavy weight at speed.  The CargoXbib will be particularly suited for any application that requires road work as it wears well and can cope with heat build-up more successfully.


Tyres with a block pattern are generally radial and have a high load rating. While this increases load carrying capacity, it can often means a stiffer side wall which will result in greater compaction. As well as the Michelin CargoXbib, this pattern can be found in Nokian, BKT and Mitas.

Turf Only Options

Available in a number of makes including BKT and Titan, these cross-ply tyres are an effective option and can include some specialist run-flat or puncture resistant designs.  These tyres would normally be fitted to under 100hp tractors and would be suited for fine turf work with very little road work.

Other Patterns

We will strive to find the perfect tyre and tread pattern for you.  As an independent retailer we stock all major tyre brands.  Why not speak to one of our sales team to find the perfect wheel and tyre combination for your application.