Brands We Sell

Our most common selling tyre makes

Maxam Logo

Maxam is a good quality budget tyre we are able to offer. We’ve been selling the Maxam for a few years now and believe they are a similar quality to the BKT however at a lower price point. There is a very wide range of tyres
including all common sizes.

Some of the most common Maxam wheel sets we sell include the standard 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 and the very popular rowcrop size 380/90R50 & 380/85R34.

Maxam has one of the longest warranties in the tyre industry – standing by there tyres for 8 years from date of purchase.

BKT Logo

The BKT is a well known manufacturer of tyres and has a very wide range – there is a BKT tyre available for nearly every tyre size.

Recently they have introduced a number of VF & IF tyres to their range:

  • The V-Flecto is a low-pressure VF tyre for flotation, available in sizes such as the VF 710/60R42 & VF 600/60R30.
  • The BKT Spargo tyre is a VF rowcrop tyre – popular in rowcrop sizes such as VF 380/105R50 or VF 420/95R50.
  • The BKT Agrimax Force is a IF tyre, the most popular size is the IF 900/50R42.
Bridgestone Logo

Bridgestone have two main ranges we sell:

VT-Tractor: This is Bridgestone’s VF, low-pressure range – they can run at 40% lower pressure than a standard tyre. The range consists of common tyre sizes but makes them available in the low-pressure technology. E.g. the Bridgestone VF 900/50R42 is the lowest pressure tyres available – no other tyre manufacturer makes a VF 900/50R42.

VX-Tractor: The Bridgestone VX-Tractor is designed especially for long life on the road. With a special wear resistant rubber compound and 20% more rubber in the lugs, Bridgestone studies show that the VX-Tractor can last more than twice the length of other tyres. If a tractor is doing lots of road work – this is the tyre to go for.

JCB 4220 of VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone tyres and BWT rims
JCB 4220 of VF 710/60R30 Bridgestone tyres and BWT rims