What happens when you place an order on our website?

VIDEO: How to place an order on our website and what happens when you do

Placing an order: FAQs

How do I get to the product page so that I can place my order?

As mentioned in the video there are four main ways to get to the individual product page:

  • Wheelset recommender: On the homepage, scroll down a few lines and click on your tractor brand to start the recommender. Once it returns the recommended sets, click on an option to bring up the individual product page.
A screenshot of the BWT Wheelset recommender
  • Guides page: A page of all wheel sets we sell online for the relevant tractor manufacturer. Visit https://bwt.uk.com/guides/ to see a list of all our guides. Click on a product image within the guide to go to the individual product page.
A screenshot of the John Deere Wheels guide
  • The shop page: The main page listing all of our sets available to purchase online, for every tractor make. Click on an image to navigate through the individual product page.
A screenshot of the main BWT shop page
  • A quote from us: If you have requested a quote from us, we may include a link to the product we are quoting in the quote. If you copy and paste this link, this will take you to the relevant individual product page.
  • Search on our website: If you know the size of the wheels you are looking for – you could try searching in the search box at the top right of the page.

Why order online?

Its fast, simple and easy. Prefer to sort your paperwork etc after hours? No problem, you can order online 24/7. No need to wait for us to quote you by email, or get back to you by phone. Plus, all the details (minimum pressures, tyre makes and models etc) are on the website – so you can make an informed decision. BWT is the only ag wheel company willing to openly give you all the information and price online.

Will the wheels work on my tractor?

We have sold thousands of wheel sets over the years. The sets that we offer online are our most common sets for our most popular tractors. Every single set has been pre-checked to ensure they will work for your machine. We use 4WD and axle data supplied from the tractor manufacturers.

In the unlikely even that there is an issue, we have a reputation to look after, we will sort it out.

Are there any discounts available?

Genuine machinery dealers are eligible for a trade discount.

We are continually reviewing our prices to ensure we remain competitive.

However, if you’re looking to buy wheels for a fleet of tractors, we are more than happy to discuss this with you – please contact us on 01371 832 310 or info@bwt.uk.com to see what we can arrange.

Do I need to provide any other details except from contact and billing details at checkout?

No, there aren’t any other details compulsory at checkout. After placing the order, we will be in touch shortly to confirm the details we have for your tractor.

However, if you would like to supply any extra tractor/specification/order details, please feel free to include them in the order notes field at the bottom of the checkout page.

How do shipping costs work?

Unless local pickup is selected at checkout, all wheelsets are shipped via the pallet network, so shipping costs vary depending on whether you are a trade customer or not, and whether we’re delivery to England, Cornwall, Wales or Scotland.

These are the relevant costs:

Brocks Wheel & Tyre delivery costs

Where do I input my PO number?

If you have a purchase order number, this can by included in the ‘Order Number’ field, after you have filled in your contact and billing details on the checkout page.

What is the best way to pay for my wheels?

Direct bank transfer (BACS) is the preferred methods of payment – but we do also accept card payments. This can either be completed online at point of order, or when you receive the pro-forma invoice.

For regular trade customers, we offer 30 days end of month credit terms.

Can I cancel my order?

We weld and paint the wheels specifically for your machine, so orders are bespoke-made and cannot be cancelled. However, if an issue arises do give us a call and we will see what we can work out.

When will I receive my wheels?

We currently run on two weeks lead time for all wheel sets available to purchase on this website. However, if you are in a hurry for your wheels please contact us on 01371 832 310 or info@bwt.uk.com and we may be able to build something up for a quicker lead time.

In some cases, especially for non-trade customers, we will require payment before production or delivery.

Any orders placed for wheel not available on this website will have their delivery and production dates confirmed via email or phone call.