Why is tyre pressure important?

Mikayla Brock
21 August 2023

Tyre pressure is a technical subject that to many remains a mystery, but once understood, can save a myriad of money.

VF tyres (Very High Flexion), are often discussed in terms of how much fuel and time they can save the user. These elements are relatively easily measured and clearly justify the use of the best tyre technology.

However, what isn’t so commonly discussed is the effect on crop yield.

Little known is the fact that reducing tyre pressure increases your crop yield. Independent studies have shown that by reducing tyre pressures when drilling from 1 bar to 0.6 bar, the yield loss in the area the tyres have travelled on increases from up to 40% to as little as 10%.

Thinking about the average tractor and drill with tyres approximately 710mm wide and a drill 6m wide, you see a 7% increase in yield. Phenomenal!

Mikayla Brock