The Ultimate Wheel Combination for Fertiliser Spreading and Planting this Spring

Mikayla Brock
12 February 2024

MAXAM 380/90R50 and 380/85R34: The Ultimate Wheel Combination for Tractors this Spring

As the agricultural community gears up for the upcoming spring planting season, the importance of selecting the right equipment cannot be overstated. Often overlooked but integral to a successful planting operation is the wheel combination. In this article, we will explore the five key benefits of opting for the 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 wheel combination, a strategic choice that promises to elevate your planting efficiency.

Image: John Deere 6R on MAXAM 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 tyres with BWT heavy duty rims.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose MAXAM 380/90R50 and 380/85R34

  1. Extended 8-Year Warranty Assurance: Investing in agricultural equipment is a significant decision, and the 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 wheels come with a generous 8-year warranty, emphasising MAXAM’s commitment to quality and durability. This extended warranty ensures your investment is safeguarded, providing a foundation of trust for farmers seeking long-term reliability.
  2. High Load Rating Catering to Heavy Demands: Designed with the demands of fertilizer spreaders, planters, and trailers in mind, these wheels boast a high load rating. This robust construction ensures stability and reliability in the face of challenging field conditions, allowing farmers to navigate their operations with confidence.
  3. Versatility in Handling Heavy Front Weights: Acknowledging the need for additional front weights during planting and fertilizing, the 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 wheels accommodate heavy front weights without compromising stability. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for diverse planting setups.
  4. Impressive 50K Speed Rating for Efficient Operations: Time efficiency is paramount during planting season, and the 50K speed rating of these wheels enables farmers to cover more ground without sacrificing performance. This capability ensures optimal productivity and a streamlined planting process.
  5. Compatibility Across Various Interaxle Ratios: The flexibility to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of interaxle ratios sets the 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 combination apart. This adaptability empowers farmers to customize their equipment configurations, optimizing performance for diverse planting needs.


In Conclusion

Spring planting demands precision, reliability, and efficiency, making the choice of wheels a critical aspect of the planning process. The 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 wheel combination excels in all these facets, offering an unbeatable combination of warranty, load capacity, speed, and compatibility. Make an informed investment this spring, and witness your planting operation thrive with MAXAM’s 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 wheel combination.

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Mikayla Brock