10 Year Warranty on Bridgestone and Firestone Agricultural Tyres

Mikayla Brock
1 March 2021

Bridgestone and Firestone Warranty

Bridgestone and Firestone are both offering a new 10 year warranty on their Agricultural Tyres.  

Bridgestone tyres and Firestone tyres have both announced they will be extending their existing warranty by making it 10 years on any new Agricultural Tyre purchase.  With Bridgestone and Firestone being one of the top agricultural tyre manufacturers this is good news for their customers. 

Bridgestone Agricultural Tyres

Bridgestone says serving customers with good quality tyres has always been their mission.  Not only do they make farming better they are built to last. 

The Bridgestone Agricultural Tyres Warranty includes;

  • Warranty to start from date of purchase
  • Covering defects in materials and manufacturing
  • Up to 100% tyre replacement

To see more on this warranty and what is covered and what isn’t covered see the attached brochure down below.

Firestone Agricultural Warranty

For over 120 years now Firestone have been working with farmers and farming in the supply of Firestone Agricultural Tyres.  They pride themselves on the high quality tyres that allow farmers to get more out of the land.  With the new 10 year warranty, it gives you peace of mind that your tyres are strong and durable.

The Firestone Agricultural Tyres Warranty Covers;

  • Warranty will start from date of purchase
  • Covers defects in materials and/or manufacturing
  • Up to 100% tyres replacement on all Firestones

To see more on this warranty please see the brochure below or you can call our team on (0)1371 832310


Mikayla Brock